Click & Tweet

What It Does

Surely you’d jump on the opportunity to use a tool that practically allows your content to market itself. Too good to be true? We all know the power and reach that Twitter has as a marketing tool. So we created this Click & Tweet plugin to provide your users with an enticing, simple way to share the content on your website. By doing this, you not only increase your audience, but also strengthen your authority as the opinions of peers hold a lot of weight today when it comes to backing a brand.

Share buttons can become an afterthought, and by the last sentence users are probably already considering where to turn their attention next. The Click & Tweet plugin allows site owners to highlight what they consider to be the most “tweetable” phrases. The reader can click the link at the end of the highlighted sentence and send the pre-formatted tweet. You have the ability to format the tweet to include a mention of your Twitter username, add hashtags, and a link back to your website.

Created by Space Studio